Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Year, a New Book, New Goals, and New Accomplishments! And maybe the year we get all our ducks in a row! :)

We meet to discuss the book on Wednesday and I have been reading it carefully but taking notes much LESS carefully. I know that I've gotten a lot from what I read but I can't remember many details. We plan to meet and instead of starting at the beginning, we will start with the second part of the book, around page 73. One of us will photograph the cover so you can find it easily at the book store or on Amazon if you are interested in reading it along with us. It would make a great book for any group of artists to use as a book study. I'll tell you more in the next couple of days and certainly after we meet on Wednesday.

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  1. love the ducks in a row.. and I for one will test out the row today.. reading and studio are top on my list! I am finding the book interesting. Thank you Julie. See you all on Wed. Any questions, be sure to call/email etc.