Monday, January 24, 2011

January Gathering

Julie, Anita, and I gathered at Vivian's house last Wednesday. We talked about 1 chapter of the book (Secret 5, "Committing to Self-Focus") we are reading together. The book is called "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" by Gail McMeekin.

Secret 5 talks about the critical skill of Self-focus which is necessary for creative women to be able to indulge in our inspirations and devote the time necessary for innovation. The topics covered in the chapter were:

•Confronting Fears of Selfishness
•Putting Yourself on Top of the Priority List
•Honoring Your Holistic Style
•Setting Boundaries
•Creating Solitude
•Supporting Self-focus in Other Women

We had a good discussion about the chapter and a nice salad lunch.Vivian showed us all how to make "fabric paper", a combination of fabrics and papers bonded together with a diluted mixture of white glue. The embellished fabric paper can be painted, sewn, woven etc. into books, mixed media works, spirit figures etc. It was fun to experiment with a new technique and to spend time together.

We will meet again the 3rd Wednesday in February to visit Gallery Central in Fresno, have lunch together at a restaurant, and discuss Secret 6 (Conquering Saboteurs) from the book.

Anita isn't in the photos because she took them. 
Thank you, Anita!

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