Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flash Mob Sierra Artists

Well, I think our little blog has been quiet long enough... We are all running around on tangents.. creating art, and trying to keep up with daily agenda's.. Our group of seven is now 6. But we are still Sisters to the Seventh Power... although Kathleen could explain that better than I.

Several of us that belong to Timberline Gallery were chatting and sharing ideas.. How, to encourage people to come by the Oakhurst Artists Gallery Row , share in the fun.. Enjoy a good laugh!... We had been tossing ideas out from 2 pm on, about 4:45, when we were all planning to leave at 4, some one hit on the idea of the Flash Mob. Kathleen had participated in one in Fresno, and it was a fun time, with a variety of artists.

Now we are trying to get the word out in the mountains and the valley.. This is not just a mountain gathering, but a gathering for all the arts, and art lovers...As the flier above reads.. for every one.. Thank you Joyce for putting the flier together.. This is a free gathering for everyone, bring your art to work on, photographers, bring your camera, or... Come and enjoy! Pass this on, gather your friends.. come early if you wish,, tour the galleries.. munch on some food, chat with neighbors, artist, dancers, musicians.
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