Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vivian Helena, Sierra Art Trails

Sierra Art Trails was a exhilarating experience again. I have participated in all but 2 years. This year I was at Julie Michell's Home Studio, in Coarsegold, with 2 other fantastic artists. I am mainly a Mixed Media Fiber Artist. I love working with gourds, paint, jewelry and yarns.

I quilted a series of wall kites, the larger one is hand painted, beaded, appliqued, with ribbon streamers, named "Texas Rose". The smaller one in the corner called "Floral Kite". I displayed "Shrine to Land and Sky", which is in the book 1000 Artisan Textiles. Sometimes I frame my pieces, other times they hang so that you can see the fine stitching and texture. I displayed my hand dyed scarves, jewelry and miniature gourd necklaces. It was a delightful day of friends, and new friends being welcomed to our site.

Sierra Art Trails

Sierra Art Trails has come and gone and we were able to greet many visitors at Julie Mitchell's home studio in Coarsegold. 

The things to be grateful for during the weekend:

1. Wonderful people!
2. Fabulous cool weather on Sunday!
3. Julie's hospitality
4. Sales!
5. Fun with the artists
6. Teamwork
7. New friends and collectors
8. Opportunity  to meet the artists and watch them work
9. Being part of a large and well-organized Open Studio event
10. A spectacular lightning show on Saturday evening
11. Surviving the storm with no permanent damage
12. Looking back and laughing about the weather challenges

It was all a lot of work, but well worth it. Will we do it again? Next year, SAT 2011!