Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dear Sisters in Spirit. . .

. . . I have been thinking of you and wondering how you all are and if you ever look at our Sisters blog. Just wanted to say hello and that I think of you often and wonder how the months and years can be going so fast. I'm loving almost every moment at my studio/gallery/classroom--still!--and finding it to be a very productive place for me to be. I'm less interested in teaching classes than I am in painting and creating there, which is an interesting revelation. I'm currently involved in a "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge for the month of January, agonizing a bit regarding taxes (NOT one of my favorite things!), and currently acting as President of the Sanger Downtown Business Association. Surprising, eh? I'm enjoying that role also. Just lost my favorite kitty to a fast car and my  not-so-fast car to a possible dead transmission--today. :( Life does go on. Other than those 2 not so good things, we are well and busy--new swimming pool surfacing and finishing off the garage (as a garage, not a room) are our current projects--more Roy's than mine, with the gallery taking much of my time and energy. Pop in and say hello, if you can--either at the gallery, or HERE, if need be. Allyson's name brings back good memories of our times together, each time I come across her book or her name on one of her "tweets" on my phone or iPad. More soon, I hope--trying to get back to blogging with more regularity!



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  1. Julie and I were just talking about how successful our art, incorporated with the locals was that day.. You look like you are buzzing along.. Would love to get together with you at your studio. Several of us were chatting about that. Anita has been on an amazing production with so many wonderful paintings and ideas, julie has a new touch to her beautiful pieces. sheila is busy with the new house and fantastic additions. Have not heard from Valerie, or Joan.
    Would love to share ideas ,, hugs, vivian