Monday, November 15, 2010

Where do the Weeks GO?

I'm not sure where the summer and now the fall have disappeared to. I thought when I retired four years ago, time would "slow down" and things would happen in slow motion. But such is NOT the case. I am busier than ever, but it is by choice. I sometimes feel like shrieking "Stop the world--I wanna get OFF! But just for a bit, until I catch my breath." It's a whole different feeling, doing what you want to do instead of what you have to do.
One of the ways we can "cultivate" collectors--send them "snail" mail!

Sisters 7 came together as a "salon marketing group" formed around a study of Alyson Stanfield's book, "I'd Rather Be In the Studio". We studied, conversed, practiced, changed our ways, and became friends in the process. I learned so much from the first course that I've gone on to take 2 online courses from Alyson. The first was called "Cultivate Collectors" and the one I'm taking now is called "Getting Organized" and that's what I am currently working on. It's all about making my office area more useful, efficient, and productive as well as establishing a process for task management. Check out her website and her blog if such a thing interests you. And keep on keepin' on, making art and enjoying life.

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  1. Great reminder with the new year upon us, almost?
    I too, am trying to organize and simplify. Also, doing what you want at the time you want to is just as hard when retired as when there is an out side job, demanding your attention.

    You just have to organize the mind first.. For artists that might be tough.. hugs, V