Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adult Ed Class- 6 week course.

It is that wild time of year. Getting ready for Sierra Art Trails, and classes starting with Adult Ed.
The Black, Red and White Quilt was made by Kathy Millhollon. Kathy and I got together to design this wall hanging for the Adult Ed Class in Oakhurst, starting in Sept..

I used Batiks and Hand dyed fabrics for mine. We did not confer after we worked out the pattern. This way ladies can decide how they want to add to theirs to make it more personal. These quilts are about 32" X 32", great for a little table top, wall hanging, or gift for the Holiday Season.. try maybe Christmas colors. I am in the process of adding beads and buttons to mine.
We are teaching piecing, English Paper Piecing, and Applique.

Ralph and I just got home from having Office 2010 put in our computers, and wouldn't you know it, neither of us can get out on Outlook . At least I have Power Point now... But I need to get my messages sent in my Email.. So if there is any one out there I have not answered... Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed, or I might be sending messages out through blogging! I could get to g-mail, but getting tired, and tomorrow is another day!
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  1. Hi! You like art? Please have a look at my paintings and sketches.
    I would be pleased if you like to follow my blog.

  2. Hello, Joe! Yes, we all 7 like art. This is Kathleen responding to your comment on Sisters 7. I looked at your blog and I see that you have some beautiful photos, some very nice sketches, and some well-written posts. I am just wondering how you happened to find us and comment on our blog, since it just very recently became a public blog. Before, it was private, and no one else knew about it.